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WMO Typhoon Landfall Forecast Demonstration Project
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WMO Typhoon Landfall Forecast Demonstration Project (TLFDP) Workshop and Training Course on Operational Tropical Cyclone Forecast in Shanghai, China, 12-14 June 2012

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    The WMO-TLFDP Workshop and Training Course on Tropical Cyclone Forecast was held in Shanghai, China during 12-14 June 2012. More than 70 participants attended the meeting, including 16 lecturers from 7 institutions worldwide. The workshop discussed the progresses that have been made by the WMO-TLFDP in the past two years, together with the experiences obtained during the 2010 Shanghai EXPO period and a set of verification techniques for tropical cyclone forecast established through the implementation of the project. The training courses covered the ECMWF NWP system, TIGGE products and application, high-resolution regional NWP system in SMS and the operational typhoon forecast systems of several forecast centers. The extension of the project to 2015 was also proposed for discussion during the workshop.

    We are pleased to present here the reports from all the lecturers (please download via and we are also immensely grateful to all contributors for putting their time and energy into these reports.


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