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Typhoon Committee Research Fellowship, 2013

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Under the Typhoon Committee Research Fellowship Scheme 2013, Ms. Le Thi Hai Yen from Viet Nam has been working as a research fellow for two months (from September to October, 2013) in Shanghai Typhoon Institute (STI). She was nominated by National Hydro-Meteorological Service (NHMS) of Viet Nam and selected by STI and Typhoon Committee Secretariat.

Ms. Le Thi Hai Yen, Bachelor of Meteorology, is a forecaster of Short-Range Meteorological Forecasting Division of Central Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Center, NHMS. She is here to assist the development of verification technique(s) for tropical cyclone genesis forecast and implement them in STI’s Typhoon Forecast Evaluation and Assessment System (TFEAS).

A paper on the related research will be ready for the submission to the journal of Tropical Cyclone Research and Review or other journals.


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