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Typhoon Committee Research Fellowship, 2014

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Under the Typhoon Committee Research Fellowship Scheme 2014, Mr. Boonthum Tanglumlead from Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) worked as research fellows for two months (from August to September) while Mr. Song Yong Chol and Mr. Pak Sang Il from State Hydro-Meteorological Administration (SHMA) of DPRK for one month (September) in Shanghai Typhoon Institute (STI). They were nominated by their organizations and selected by STI and Typhoon Committee Secretariat.



Mr. Boonthum Tanglumlead, Master of Marine Science, is a senior meteorologist in the weather forecast bureau of TMD. Mr. Song Yong Chol is a researcher in Marine Meteorological Forecasting Division of Central Meteorological Forecasting Institute, SHMA. Mr. Pak Sang Il is a researcher of Typhoon and Numerical Weather Prediction Division, Central Meteorological Forecasting Institute, SHMA.



They were here to develop technique(s) for tropical cyclone genesis forecast and implement them in STI’s objective typhoon forecast system.


Mr. Boonthum Tanglumlead



Mr. Song Yong Chol



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