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WMO Typhoon Landfall Forecast Demonstration Project
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WMO-TLFDP Training Workshop was successfully held in Shanghai

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WMO-TLFDP Training Workshop on Tropical Cyclone Forecast programme was held in the Shanghai, during May 24-28, 2010.   Eleven distinguished typhoon experts from nine institutions ( including the Japan Meteorological Agency, the European Center, the U.S. National Hurricane Center, the Hong Kong Observatory, National Meteorological Center of CMA, the Jiangxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau of CMA, the Shanghai Meteorological Center and the Shanghai Typhoon Institute, etc. ) gave lectures on “CMA Global model and its application in operational tropical cyclone forecast”, “Forecast of Tropical Cyclone track, intensity and rainfall in USA” ,“GRAPES-TCM and its application”, etc.

Meanwhile, more than 20 forecasters from different meteorological bureaus of East China Region attended the workshop. The hall was filled with applause for the excellent speeches and debates.

This training workshop certainly strengthened the ability of forecasters and decision-makers to analyze and determine the accuracy of typhoon forecasts, enhanced the capability of forecasting landfall typhoon in the “Shanghai MHEWS” , promoted the implementation of the most advanced forecasting technique for landfall typhoon in WMO members and provided a better service for the Expo 2010.

We are pleased to present here the reports from  all the lecturers and we are also immensely grateful to all contributors for putting their time and energy into these reports.

  1. Masakazu HIGAKI-JMA Global Model and typhoon forecast.pdf
  2. Suhong MA-TC prediction system in NMC_shanghai.pdf
  3. Aihua XU-Jiangxi Typhoon Forecast.pdf
  4. Anna GHELLI-TC_Shanghai_orig.pdf
  5. Yan TAN-Introduction of TC Forecast Tools.pdf
  6. Jianngwo Jiing-Tropical Cyclone Track, Intensity, and Rainfall Forecast in the USA.pdf
  7. L_S_ LEE-Forecast of tropical cyclone wind and rainfall in Hong Kong.pdf
  8. Leiming MA-An Introduction on the GRAPES-TCM model.pdf
  9. Baode CHEN-An Overview of SMB Numerical Modeling System in Expo 2010 Weather Service.pdf
  10. nakazawa-Basis and Operational Application of Typhoon Ensemble Forecast.pdf
  11. Zhiqiang CHEN-TC Forecast in East China.pdf


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