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WMO Typhoon Landfall Forecast Demonstration Project
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The WMO-TLFDP jointly supported by WMO’s World Weather Research Programme (WWRP), Tropical Cyclone Programme (TCP) and Public Weather Service Programme (PWS) was envisioned to complement the Shanghai MHEWS project and is a collaborative effort with the THORPEX North Western Pacific Tropical Cyclone Track Ensemble Forecast Research Project.


The WMO-TLFDP will collect, integrate and display real-time or near real-time forecast results for both landfalling and non-landfalling typhoons, including their track, intensity, wind and rain distribution; develop and integrate techniques to evaluate and assess the accuracy of forecast of time and location of landfall, gale distribution, and torrential rain; calculate forecast errors of various systems and make a comprehensive analysis of forecast performance; evaluate the reliability of the forecasts; and finally assess the social and economic impacts of an improved tropical cyclone forecast service.

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