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WMO Typhoon Landfall Forecast Demonstration Project
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  • a)    Consultation with WMO Secretariat to decide on scope of engagement with TLFDP-III. Completed by October 2016.

    b)    Official invitations to participate in TLFDP-III (WMO WWRP Secretariat). Completed in October 2016.

    c)    Establishment of International Scientific Steering Group. October 2016.

    d)    Training workshop and progress meeting. Held in Shanghai in October 2016.

    e)    Drafting and discussing the Action Plan of TLFDP-III. January – September, 2016.

    f)     Implementation of the Action Plan of TLFDP-III. October 2016 – December 2018.

    g)    Interim Review Meeting.  Review objectives, undertake validation and performance assessment of systems taking part in trial run; engage key stakeholders/users to provide feedback on products; adjust Project Implementation Plan, if appropriate (ISSC). December of 2017.

    h)    Final Review Meeting and Report Preparation (ISSC). To be completed by end of December 2018.

    i)      Publication of Guidelines on provision of typhoon forecast services reflecting experience gained from TLFDP, to be followed by a Capacity Building Workshop for WMO Members (ISSC, Secretariat). To be completed by end of 2019.





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